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Group Lessons

Based on individuals' levels children will be divided into several groups. Group lessons improve children's listening and observation skills. 


Our masterclass offers a wonderful opportunity for students of all ages to develop their musical abilities through daily open lecture with Masters and performers. In addition to their solo instrumental lessons, students can apply for chamber music coaching, which gives them a valuable experience in playing together with other participants of the camp.


Solo Recital

Solo recitals are the great opportunities for all ages of students to show their live performance skills. 



Choir is optional on this course. Choirs are fantastic way of bringing a group of students together, encourage them to express the joy from their hearts.


Music Theory Lesson

Music Theory is optional. Children can choose based on their needs. 

Composing Music


There will be various of ensembles for students to get involved in, such as duos with piano, string trios, piano quartets and quintets. 

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The final gala concert typically presents a varied repertoire ranging from the Baroque to the Contemporary, with a focus on Classical and Romantic composers. ALL the students will either perform solo, or in various ensembles such as duos with piano, string trios, piano quartets and quintets. 


Mini Musicianship 

For children are totally beginner or just started learning instruments. they will be introduced to strings, wind, brass, percussion and piano, and are encouraged to "have a go" on each instruments to help them decide which they might like to learn to play. Art & sports will be available for children who are interested to choose. It will be different art subject everyday. Download timetable for mini musicians. 

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